Both ‘The Falling Leaves’ and ‘Futility’ represent death through out both poems. This is because they are both set within the time frame of World War One. The poem ‘Out of the Blue’ states the date when the poem is set, November 1915. This is an iconic date as it was the start of the […]

What did God say when he made the first black man? “Damn, I burnt one.” This is racism. It’s a problem that still confronts many members of our society. It has been an issue for hundreds of years, mostly because people don’t understand other cultures, decide that others are different and are therefore able to be mocked. Now I ask […]

It was an early morning in 1918. He awoke to the sun gleaming on to his eyes and, with an unpleasant moan of disgust, he remembered where he was and why he was there. He heard gunshots and shouting in the distance. He was not at home but rather in France, fighting for a god […]

Dear Ms Kerr I agree with your article ‘Twerking, selfie and unlike?’ to a certain extent. Although you state that slang words are ‘just like any fashion trend’, I believe that there is reason for people to use them. The way in which a person speaks is not in correlation with his intelligence. Instead they just find […]

Alex Draper: an Argumentative speech: “Racism”   My issue is people being racist to other people. Racism has been an issue for hundreds of years, because people don’t understand where they’re from and decide that they’re different and should be mocked about it.   Right now black people call each other the n word, and […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway